Creating a fair…

Fairness means a leader treats everyone appropriately and individually, based on circumstances and contribution. You need to exercise sound judgment regarding your employees. There are several ways you can do this as a leader to ensure you’re creating a fair environment for your employees.

For starters, explain your expectations clearly to all employees. What kind of performance or results will be deemed excellent? What kind of rewards can employees who exhibit this outstanding performance expect? Make sure each employee has the chance to reach these personal and organizational goals on their own terms.

Your employees also need to feel valued beyond members of your team. It’s essential you meet their unique working situations with understanding and respect. If one of them is going through a tough time or situation, then their performance will likely waiver as a result. Knowing these circumstances is a direct result of having a solid and trusting relationship with your employees. Of course, all while keeping it professional.

Lastly, holding yourself accountable is another way to ensure your employees are being fairly treated. Changing your mind or your attitude on a day-to-day basis will do nothing to foster trust with your employees.

Of course, equality, diversity, and inclusion should remain a critical focus as you also move toward treating employees more fairly. Both equality and fair treatment lead to happier, more engaged, and productive employees who are proud to vouch for your company.

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